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What's on in September

By eBird India September 3, 2018
European Roller Coracias garrulus

It’s an exciting time of the year to be birding in India. There are a number of events to look forward to and there is a lot happening amongst the birds as well.

Birds and their movements

Several passage migrants continue to move through India on their way to their wintering grounds in other parts of the world, and more will be expected to come through this month. Waders and waterfowl are passing through northern parts of the country while many coastal migrants are already being reported from the western coasts. Passerines such as Greenish Warblers and Grey Wagtails have also been observed over the past fortnight in regions as far south as Kerala.

Annual taxonomy update

The annual eBird taxonomy update is now over. Here is a summary of all the changes which are relevant to India. A number of interesting and much awaited splits, species reshuffles, as well as slashes and English (India) names have been included.

Do not forget to change your language to English (India) from your eBird preferences menu to be able to see familiar english names for birds on your checklists. For lists from India, it is also recommended that you use the eBird India portal, either on the web or on the app.


Birders in flood-hit Kerala are braving the conditions in their home state and coming out to take part in the Onam Bird Count, which runs from 31 August to 03 September this year.

The International Vulture Awareness Day was observed on 01 September. Several organisations across the country and the world commemorated the day by holding events, nature walks, talks, etc.

The annual World Shorebirds Day will be observed on 06 September while the global shorebird counting dates for this year have been set as 05-11 September 2018.

If you are in Bangalore, the Nature in Focus festival will be held from 07-09 September and will feature a few bird-related topics and sessions as well.


This month’s eBirding challenge asks observers to bird on most days and aggregate over 12 hours of birding for September. The global eBirder of the month challenge encourages patch birding and requires one to bird at least 15 times from a single location this month.