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What's on in December

By eBird India December 7, 2016
Eurasian Marsh Harrier

A Eurasian Marsh Harrier by Snehasis Sinha (Checklist)

With the winter migrants now settled, birders are out and about looking for birds everywhere and the season has thrilled thus far with reports coming in of expected and unexpected species from across the country. Remember to check the bar charts (change location to a State, District or hotspot of your choice) to see what is regular and expected in your region. December is a great month for birdwatchers and a week in to the month, the 3 most active States have already had over 1300 checklists submitted.


The Patch Birding Challenge is still going on and things should really start getting interesting for one’s patch now. Are you noticing any changes in the birdlife in your patch compared to October? Some residents have already begun singing in anticipation of spring – have you noticed any activity too?

If figuring out these details through numbers is more interesting, do take part in the eBird India Data Challenge. Can some intriguing questions about birds and birding in India be answered with the data made available? Whether you have questions to ask, or questions to answer – this challenge is the one to take up.

The November Gap-filling challenge resulted in 8 districts receiving much-needed attention from birdwatchers. Can we add more districts to that list for December? Check out this month’s eBirding challenges for more. The Global Challenge this month focusses on birding and listing multiple times on a single day.


The second edition of the UP Bird Festival was held in the first week of the month and eBird data was used by several speakers to illustrate their talks.

A Bird Count India workshop on eBird and eBirding is scheduled to be held in Kaiga, Karnataka on 18 December 2017. Do get in touch for more information.