eBird Mobile 1.3: breeding and behavior codes

By eBird India September 19, 2016

Baya Weaver (Breeding Code: NB Confirmed -- Nest Building) © Tanya Seshadri (Checklist)

Following the release of the new eBird profile pages, now is the turn for a new version of eBird Mobile.

Our recent monthly “What’s on in…” posts have talked about breeding birds and how to report breeding evidence. The new release of the eBibrd Mobile app (version 1.3) allows one to enter breeding and behaviour codes through the app. This makes it easier to track breeding bird activity and also lets you log ‘flyovers’ (for example, when you see a cormorant flying right over a forest habitat).

To know more about breeding and behaviour codes, click here.

To know more about flyovers, click here.

This is the first of many features that eBird intends on introducing to eBird Mobile, with plans in place for sharing lists through the app, automatic distance tracking, and others.

If you haven’t used eBird Mobile yet, now is the best time to get started. As linked in the latest “What’s on in…” post, this month’s Global eBirder of the Month challenge is all about the Flyover code.

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eBird Mobile is available for free on both Android and iOS. As many users will tell you, the app makes it easier to log in checklists and has even replaced the traditional pen and notebook in some cases! Read more about the app here and click here to find out how use it.

Adding Breeding Codes on the app is simple

Adding Breeding Codes on the app is simple