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5 million records from India

By eBird India January 6, 2017

House Crow, the most frequently reported species from India, appearing in 65% of eBird lists. Photo by Aravind Amirtharaj from this birdlist.

eBird went global in 2010, but it was only in beginning 2014 that Indian birders started using it in large numbers — in particular after the Bird Count India partnership was formed and started publicizing the eBird platform.

Since then, eBird in India has grown considerably. Nearly 7,000 birders have uploaded birding sightings from India to eBird. The total number of lists stands at 270,000, with 1,223 species represented.

The total number of records from India crossed 1 million in Feb 2015, 2 million in Oct 2015, 3 million in Feb 2016 and 4 million in August 2016. And just a few days ago (Jan 2017), the number crossed 5 million.

The animation below shows how the number of lists being uploaded each month, and their distribution across the country, have been increasing since 2010.

Locations of lists uploaded to eBird from India. Click on the image to see an animation that shows monthly uploads since 2010.

As you can see, there is a long way to go adequately cover the entire country and make eBird a truly comprehensive repository of information on the distribution and abundance of Indian birds. But tremendous progress has been made over the past years towards this goal and we would like to thank every single eBirder who has uploaded his or her sightings!