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Great activity in the seas but a little too far.

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  1. skua sp. Stercorarius sp. (skua sp.)

    Number observed: 2

    Details: South Polar/Brown Skua. Both dark morphs with prominent white flashes. First saw one flying not far from the coast but away from me. Immediately recalled a Great Skua, broad winged, short tailed, somewhat bulky. Appeared uniformly brown aside from the white flashes, no rufous tones I think. It then turned and went towards the water where it was joined by another (that was presumably resting) and both took off, this time I had a side profile. One of them (maybe the 2nd bird) had a second prominent white flash below the main one. All seen at considerable magnification through a scope.

  2. tern sp. Sterninae sp.

    Number observed: 30

    Details: More. Several large terns and some small terns flying about very far. Maybe 3 species?

  3. Number observed: 6

    Details: Common along this coastline at the moment.

  4. shearwater sp. Procellariidae sp. (shearwater sp.)

    Number observed: 10

    Details: Very far. Mostly (apparently) smaller shearwaters which appeared a little paler than Flesh-footed. Also one or two particularly large ones?

  5. Number observed: 50
  6. Number observed: 150

    Details: Usual here at the harbours

  7. Number observed: 10
  8. Number observed: 1