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You can limit the points that display on the map to only include data for the Past Month or Past Week. This will filter the locations to only show hotspots where data have been submitted during that time period.

You can change the data that are being displayed on the points by changing the Date Range at the top of the page. For instance, if you select the Date of "August, All Years", eBird calculates the number of stats for each hotspot during the Month of August for all year combined.

If you FILTER BY RECENT ACTIVITY the past month, eBird will return the points where eBird checklists have been submitted within the last month. DATE and FILTER BY RECENT ACTIVITY are independent of each other.

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Number of species reported [from grid cell] / [at hotspot]

The hotspot explorer map displays grid cells or individual birding hotspots depending on how far the map is zoomed. As you zoom in the grid cells become smaller and then switch to individual hotspots.

eBird calculates the number of species reported within each grid cell when zoomed out. As you zoom in, eBird switches to a display of all hotspots and calculates the total number of species per hotspots.

Brighter colors indicate more species reported from that grid cell or hotspot. The default is to show all months and all years. You can change the data range from the top of the page. Once you are zoomed into the hotspots, you can filter the hotspots to only those with data within the last week or the last month by changing the FILTER BY RECENT ACTIVITY.

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