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5039 E Sagebrush Rd

Owner Jayne Knoche

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  1. African Collared-Dove (Domestic type or Ringed Turtle-Dove)

    Number observed: 8

    Comments: A flock of these visit my feeding area regularly, and have since I moved here 4 years ago (starting with 2 the first year). It is possible that a small part of the flock (darker) is Eurasian or (more likely) hybrid. Although usually I can only see their backs and compare with the shade of pictures, in a few cases I was able to see underneath the base of the tail. In 3 or 4 cases they were distinctly the African markings; in one case (presumeably a hybrid) there were some markings of African and some of Eurasian; none matched the Eurasian Collared-Dove. Incidentally, usually one of them is white (albino? sport?).

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  5. Number observed: 10