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About STWB

What is South Texas Wintering Birds?

South Texas Wintering Birds website, copyrighted by Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society, is a project of CKWRI. It provides a simple way for you to keep track of the birds you see. You can retrieve information on your bird sightings, from your backyard, ranch or favorite wildlife locations, at any time for your personal use.

Portrait of Caesar KlebergYou can also access the entire historical database to find out what others are reporting at the county level. In addition, the cumulative database is used by wildlife enthusiasts and scientists to learn more about our South Texas birdlife. Your participation is essential if we want to expand our knowledge of birds.

The database you are helping create can be used by:

  • You, to track your personal bird sightings and maintain lists of all of the birds you’ve ever seen; to create lists of birds recorded from various South Texas counties.
  • School children, allowing them to learn about the birds in our region.
  • Scientists at CKWRI to uncover patterns in bird movements and ranges across South Texas, including migratory pathways and wintering ranges, arrival and departure dates, range expansions and contractions, and a host of other important environmental relationships.
  • Educators, who may use the county-wide database to teach students about birds and the scientific process, including collecting, analyzing, and interpreting results.

It has all the wonderful characteristics of eBird, but has been modified to accommodate the privacy of landowners and the uniqueness of the South Texas region.

“My STWB” is the specific portion of the site that allows you to personalize your STWB experience. You can directly access the “View and Explore Data” and “Submit Your Observations” pages from My STWB.
What is STWB? Why should I submit my observations?
Mailing Address Texas A&M University-Kingsville Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute Attn: Janel Ortiz, Graduate Student (STWB Program) 700 University Blvd., MSC 218 Kingsville, TX 78363 Email Janel Ortiz, Graduate Student & STWB Program Coordinator Tel Dr. April Conkey, Assistant Professor & Research Scientist 361-593-3715
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