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Nantucket Shoals to Hydrographer Canyon to Welker Canyon
  • 40
  • 70 mi
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  1. Number observed: 7
  2. Number observed: 153
  3. phalarope sp.

    Number observed: 8

    Details: Not unusual

  4. Number observed: 1

    Details: Mega; first seen sitting on water ahead of boat; lifted off and gave good views as it peeled back along the left side of the boat before it vanished in the fog; photos;

  5. Number observed: 2

    Details: We had an incredible show by a young Pomarine Jaeger (along with a Long-tailed) in beautiful evening light in an evening chumming stand at dusk; making many close passes and hanging out in the chum slick;

  6. Number observed: 1

    Details: This bird was literally flying over the boat and landing just feet off the back of the boat feeding on the chum slick and chasing storm-petrels; and occasionally interacting with a young Pomarine; in an interesting second year plumage;

  7. Number observed: 1
  8. Number observed: 1

    Details: Mega: 1S; spotted not long after a Pomarine Jaeger; we were able to follow this bird for many minutes eventually giving great views; many photos;

  9. Number observed: 1

    Details: Mega: adult that appeared high overhead not long after a young Red-billed Tropicbird did the same!; great views and photos obtained; the bird spent some time inspecting our boat before moving on;

  10. Number observed: 1

    Details: Mega: immature bird; many photos; this bird was a really shocker as it zoomed in on the boat about 100 feet overhead; it made a few short passes and then we followed it for a bit before it disappeared; amazing views!

  11. Number observed: 3
  12. Number observed: 1168

    Details: Impressive numbers throughout; carefully counted;

  13. Number observed: 16

    Details: High count; amazing views and amazing count! First encountered at head of Hydrographer; many seen between there and Welker; many good photos;

  14. Number observed: 107

    Details: High Count; carefully counted;

  15. Number observed: 17

    Details: High Count: incredible showing of this rare warm water species; several birds making extremely close passes right behind the boat in the chum slick; most birds appeared quite fresh in wing in body molt; with at least one showing interesting tail pattern (split with dark and possibly in molt - see photos)

  16. Number observed: 1

    Details: Mega: excellent views; many photos;

  17. Number observed: 40
  18. Number observed: 6
  19. Number observed: 41
  20. Number observed: 144

    Details: High Count: incredible numbers of these birds feeding along weed lines between Hydrographer and Welker Canyon; most birds in heavy wing molt;

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