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  1. Number observed: 2
  2. Number observed: 6
  3. Number observed: 1
    Breeding Code: S Singing Bird (Possible)
  4. Number observed: 2
    Breeding Code: P Pair in Suitable Habitat (Probable)
  5. Number observed: 2
  6. Number observed: 2

    Details: One was seen with plant material in bill. Possible nest material, but seems like an odd place for them to nest.

  7. Number observed: 1
  8. Number observed: 1
  9. Number observed: 6
  10. Number observed: 50

    Details: Not unusual for this date and location.

  11. Number observed: 2

    Details: Both seen and heard singing. Obvious black throat. Crown was grayish with bold white supercilium and submustachial stripe. Upper parts were pale gray and belly was white. Tail was blackish with thin white outter boarder.

  12. Number observed: 3
  13. Number observed: 45
  14. Number observed: 2
  15. Number observed: 4
  16. Number observed: 1
  17. Number observed: 2

    Details: Male and FEMALE seen and BOTH were heard singing. Female is pictured in mid song. Very similar to the male song but shorter in length.

    Female was dingy olive yellow with dark feathering concentrated on the throat. Tail was slightly darker than the body. The male had a black head and breast. The lesser coverts were yellow and two white wing bars were evident on an otherwise black wing. The belly was bright yellow lemon in coloration. The tip of the tail was black, while the base was yellow, which can be somewhat seen in my second photograph.

    Contributed for the female bird song project:

    Breeding Code: P Pair in Suitable Habitat (Probable)
    Age & Sex:
    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
    Male 1
    Female 1
    Sex Unknown
  18. Number observed: 2
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