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    Details: Thought at first was a BTNW due to location, but olive "auriculars-patch" and head too dark and distinct, and throat too yellow. Also got confirmation from ebird reviewer.

    Mostly missing black on throat, as well as crown and auriculars-patch colorations (olive), seems to indicate female

    Seen near the intersection of Audubon and Warbler trails that is near the Flint-street-Bonad road (that is, if you come into the sanctuary, and turn left, go past the main sign, go down the straight Audubon trail, past the main pond, you come to the intersection with Warbler trail. Warbler trail goes up the hill to the right, and Audubon continues straight, soon exiting the sanctuary onto Bonad Road (the one associated with Flint street.) It was near this Audubon/Warbler intersection that the bird was sighted, in the small pine and nearby trees and bushes.

  10. Number observed: 2
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