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SeeLife Paulagics 0600-0804

Owner Mikey Lutmerding

  • 44
  • 1.85 mi


  1. peep sp.

    Number observed: 1
  2. Number observed: 1

    Details: long-winged tern, dark above pale below, distant bird ID'd from photos

  3. Number observed: 1
  4. Common/Arctic Tern

    Number observed: 2

    Details: Looked dainty billed, long winged and slim, initially thought to be ARTE, though conditions did not permit definitive ID, and photos were too poor to elucidate

  5. Number observed: 13
  6. Number observed: 8

    Details: Expected in deep waters, Long winged storm petrels with erratic night-hawk like flight, forked tail, bright carpal bar

  7. Number observed: 16

    Details: Expected in deep water, Long-winged storm petrels, short glides with bowed wings, legs did not reach beyond the tail

  8. Number observed: 11

    Details: Expected offshore, large shearwaters, brownish above, pale below with dark primaries and secondaries

  9. Number observed: 8

    Details: Expected in deep waters, small black and white shearwaters, dark undertail coverts

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