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New Seabury Country Club - Mashpee (Private)

Owner Ashley Keleher

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    Details: Very light tern with sleek dark cap, long black legs, thick black bill first noted standing & walking on golf course fairway. It appeared to be picking insects/worms from the grass. It then flew around the area doing many swoop dives towards the ground & looked to be picking insects off the ground as it swooped. It landed on another fairway near a few GBBG & a HEGU. It then walked quite a ways, further away & stayed for about 10-15 minutes before taking flight again. It flew along the edge of the course near the beach front where I lost track of it. After several minutes I relocated it over the pond but lost track of it again. It then appeared again in flight doing swoop dives over the fairway before finally disappearing over the tree line heading west. It was in the general area for over an hour. With a cold front moving through the area the weather for the day was very tropical, with heavy downpours on & off all day totaling over .50 inches of rain. Wind was SSW at 15-21 mph with gusts up to 26 mph. There was a light drizzle/rain during the time I observed the bird. Due to the inclement weather there was no human activity on the course during the day allowing for several gulls & shorebirds to roost on the fairways. This is a private Country Club. I checked again for this bird late the following day with no luck. The maintenance workers were out first thing in the morning & there were golfers present all day long, which discourages birds from roosting on the course.
    Gull-billed TernGull-billed TernGull-billed TernGull-billed TernGull-billed TernGull-billed Tern

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