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Pelagic 14 Aug 2011--06:00-06:30
  • 50
  • 9.5 mi
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Pelagic trip to Maryland and Delaware waters aboard the Thelma Dale IV out of Lewes, DE. Arranged by See Life Pelagics, this trip was extended by two hours for additional time in deep water (roughly 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.). Full GPS track courtesy of Mark Hoffman: Some Maryland trip totals: Cory's Shearwater (36), Scopoli's Shearwater (1), Great Shearwater (28), Audubon's Shearwater (7), Wilson's Storm-Petrel (345), Leach's Storm-Petrel (3), Pomarine Jaeger (2), Black-bellied Plover (10), Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin (3), Pilot Whale (3).


  1. Number observed: 1