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Owner Anil deotale

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  1. Number observed: 12

    Details: seated on rocks in the area

  2. Number observed: 32

    Details: in a banyan tree.This is a forest plantation area

  3. Number observed: 12

    Details: on the road that is adjacent to the graveyard.This is a lot of vegetation in this area.No supporting data exists for the count but it is common here on any usual day.Have no other verification except what was reported verbally

  4. Number observed: 9

    Details: between 7-7.30pm while returning

  5. Number observed: 12

    Details: species name:house swift at the agricultural college quarters

  6. Number observed: 16

    Details: in a chana farm

  7. Number observed: X

    Details: couldn't count but more than 100 ,flying.

  8. Number observed: 4

    Details: in a garden