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Freeport Pelagic Trip 02012014 - F

Owner Paulagic Birding

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Paulagics pelagic trip out of Freeport, NY.
Leaders: Paul Guris, Todd McGrath, Doug Gochfeld, Sean Sime, Shai Mitra, Steve Kacir.

Coordinates taken at ~12:30 PM from where the 2nd & 3rd Puffins were.
Checklist ended at: N 39.9180667, W 72.61851667.

Extremely distant Skua sp. at 12:42 PM photographed very poorly.


  1. skua sp.

    Number observed: 1

    Details: 12:42 PM, very distant. Motoring low to the water in strong, direct flight, angling away from the boat.
    Seen while we were amidst Dovekies everywhere, which were occupying most of the attention from everybody aboard.
    Essentially no chance to pursue it, as we were almost stopped, and wouldn't have had remotely the speed needed to chase down this bird that already had a huge head start.

    Most likely a Great Skua, but unfortunately it was too far away and didn't seem to even think about changing course towards the boat.

    3 terrible photos for documentation purposes:
    Skua sp. (New York)

    Skua sp. (New York)

    Skua sp. (New York)

  2. Number observed: 215

    Details: Difficult to count. All around the boat at all distances, flying and on the water, in singles, and in groups.

  3. Number observed: 7
  4. Number observed: 4

    Details: *To be expected this far off shore (~60 miles) and farther at this time of year.
    The 2nd & 3rd were together at the plotted coordinates for this checklist.
    Photos. The couple that I tried to age seemed to be adults.

    Age & Sex:
    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
    Sex Unknown 2 2
  5. Number observed: 4
  6. Number observed: 3
  7. Number observed: 1

    Details: Light morph bird that came in from very far out, and flew across the bow at fairly close range, but never came back in after that. A distant photo or two.
    This was right around 1:00 PM, at the very end of the checklist.
    Coordinates were: N 39.9180667, W 72.61851667

  8. Number observed: 2
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