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Birding during Hurricane Sandy. One of the most exciting two hours of birding that I've experienced highlighted by an adult Ross's Gull, Parasitic Jaeger and adult Black-legged Kittiwake. Light rain, ESE wind 8 - 20 mph. Overcast.


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    Details: Southbound at 12:22pm.

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    Details: **Rare. Adult or near adult moving south steadily -- at one point attacked Ring-billed Gull. My first Parasitic Jaeger in interior away from Great Lakes. Relatively small triangular head and proportionately long slim bill.

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    Details: **Rare. Adult. Circled several times. Very good views through scope.

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    Details: ****Mega. Adult. COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED.

    Moderate rain had just stopped so I had gotten out of the car and was scanning to the west when I came upon a small, long-winged, fairly long-tailed gull. I didn't know what it was! The bird was distant, but not exceedingly so, perhaps 700 - 1500 meters during the duration I watched it. It appeared to be on the far side of the lake, but I expect this was an illusion and the bird was probably near the middle of the lake or closer. After the shape, I noticed that the bird had dusky gray underwings -- but noticeably paler than even a pale 2nd year Little Gull. I then noticed a broad white trailing edge and realized that this had to be an adult ROSS'S GULL despite the date and very unexpected location. I was hoping for Sooty Tern, jaegers or storm-petrels, so needless to say this was the farthest thing from my mind.

    The bird appeared to be slightly smaller than Bonaparte's Gull with longer, narrower wings and longer tail (no direct comparison). The long-winged impression was heightened by the broad white trailing edge to the wings that made the wings appear narrower. The underwings were noticeably dusky, more so on the flight feathers and wing coverts than axillars. As mentioned, there was a broad white trailing edge. Head appeared paled with a hint of pale grayish coloration extending from nape onto sides of breast. There was a darker dusky mark at back of head. Dark area around eye -- I could not tell if this was only caused by the eye, but given the extent it appeared that there was dark feathering around the eye. Black bill. Did not notice feet/legs.

    The bird was moving south but looped around three times. I tried to get photos, but the bird was at that distance where my 500mm with a 1.4x just doesn't cut it. I'm including the only ones that show anything and are even marginally in focus, but honestly I was lucky to get anything at all. I think you may be able to see the long wings, long tail, dusky underwing with broad trailing edge and perhaps a hint of pink body.

    I watched the bird for about 10 minutes, trying to get photos. I posted to CayugaRBA and CayugaBirds and when I looked up, I could never find the bird again despite looking for quite some time.

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