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Acadia Birding Festival van trip Brookside Cemetery June 3 2012

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I am sitting in front of the computer looking at the weather maps for Mount Desert Island. Rain is hammering everything west of MDI but it looks like a good chance for clearing along the Western and Northern side of the Island. The first stop of the "Birding Blitz" van trip is Brookside Cemetery. I wrote the "Blitz" into the program to allow searching for missed species on the ABF Bird List. A great morning for birds started with a Common Loon who sat in the reeds in the Somes Pond outfall.


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    Details: This adult in breeding plumage sat in the reeds 45 feet from the group. Excellent example of Loon calls as another adult flies overhead. My assumption is that we were looking at the female and the male flew overhead, calling loudly as a Bald Eagle cruised around Somes Pond.

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    Details: quick looks at yet another flycatcher in the last 24 hours.... a large movement of birds at the western edge of the storm front

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    Details: MATING FLIGHT of female and male gave us all an opportunity to observe how the female leads the male on a high flying, zig-zagging, loop-de-loop flight

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