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Acadia Birding Festival Van Trip Beech Mountain June 2 2012

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David Simpson and I took our group to Beech Mountain and a special place for Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. It is clear from the results of the day that a large migration of Flycatchers was making it's way along the coast of Maine and Acadia Birding Festival was documenting this migration event. Many flycatchers were seen during the day and a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was also reported from Pittsfield Maine.


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    Details: perhaps a 2nd year male

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    Details: IN the scope after phishing this bird. We had incredible looks at this bird with the opportunity to study the detail of the bird for quiet some time. The YBFL began calling with several quiet "whipps" followed by a long extended series of calls. Great looks at its yellow belly and conspicuous eye-ring compared to Eastern Pewee which basically lacks one.

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    Details: Heard why down in the valley but it's voice was blown on the wind.

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    Details: This is the third year I have had this Nashville Warbler come down from the upland forests located towards the top of Beech Mountain to the valley where I was pishing. The bird came to the tree directly over head, circled around before heading back to the same location in the forest where I first heard it. I have always thought that this was and interesting place for Nashville because it is a high upland forest? with wetland habitats scattered around.

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