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  1. Number observed: 40

    Details: 40+

  2. Number observed: 3

    Details: 3 Monk parakeets, all in nest roosting - ph.

    Jan 2012: These birds had been present for some time, at least several months. I know they remained through the winter and perhaps longer. They were ultimately removed by UFSWF as a pest.

    The following appeared in 1980 in Maine Birdlife 2:35.

    Monk Parakeets Removed

    "At the request of the property owners, the three Monk Parakeets that survived last winter at Cape Elizabeth were retrieved by U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel. On July 11 [1980], the birds were netted, their wings were clipped to prevent future escape, and their huge and unsightly nest was destroyed.

    The parakeets successfully nested on the Two Lights area in the summer of 1979. They survived the mild 1979 - 80 winter by subsisting at local feeding stations and by eating wild fruits. When their nest blew down in February, they reportedly resorted to the refuge of one of the area lighthouses. In spring they rebuilt at the same Cape Elizabeth location.

    The Monk Parakeets were a novelty last year; their uniqueness, exotic plumage, and monstrous nest were an attraction for local residents and Maine birders alike. However, by summer, 1980, neighborhood residents were describing them as a nuisance. U. D. fish and Wildlife officials were concerned about the possibility of damage to fruits crops, if the parakeets survived and multiplied."

    This note was apparently based on information from the Maine Times11 July 1980 and 18 July 1980.