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Owner Matt Brady


Protocol:  Traveling
  • Observers:  1
  • Distance:  1.794 km

Checklist Comments

I covered the road between the Preston Trailhead and the highest gate, stopping several times to listen for owls and try playback. I ended up spending most of my time just down from the trailhead, where there was good Flamm activity. I called it quits at midnight, instead of starting a new checklist.

Conditions: mid 60s; high, thin overcast; intermittent breeze from Beaufort 0-3; dead quiet; moon waxing crescent, just about to set by the end of the checklist.

Submitted from eBird for iOS, version 2.6.17


  1. Number observed:  3

    Breeding & Behavior Code:

    S Singing Bird (Possible)
  2. Number observed:  4


    Minimum of three heard calling simultaneously 23:20–23:30 at 41.7723, -111.7383; unfortunately a bit too breezy to attempt much of a recording. A fourth bird was calling at 23:50 at 41.7720, -111.7425.

    Breeding & Behavior Code:

    T Territorial Defense (Probable)


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