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Owner Gerry Meenaghan


Protocol:  Traveling
  • Observers:  1
  • Distance:  1.47 mi

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  1. Number observed:  1


    Continuing. Photos. County bird. Large, bulky plover between semi-palm and killdeer size. Small black bill. Dark brown back with slight whitening at margins of primaries and secondaries. White throat, breast, belly and vent with light buff collar. Black eyes/irises. Silver-white eye ring. Pale pink and relatively long legs. Dark brown cap with whitening around eyes and bill. Feeds running along wrack line with frequent pauses. Upright posture.


  2. Number observed:  25


    Conservative count. Great job, Daniel Farrar and the State of Oregon! What a comeback!


  3. Number observed:  200
  4. Number observed:  10
  5. Number observed:  2
  6. Number observed:  2


    Non breeding plumage. Black legs. Smaller than nearby sanderlings with long, decurved bill; differentiated by size, color and bill length from nearby dunlin.

  7. Number observed:  13
  8. Number observed:  1


    Surprising. Rare coastal. Smaller gull than nearby western and herring. Clear yellow Iris. Bright yellow legs. Light mantle. Dark broad black ring near tip of bill with no red.

  9. Number observed:  6
  10. Number observed:  1
  11. Number observed:  3
  12. gull sp.

    Number observed:  10


    All non-adult winter plumage birds that I’m not yet capable of IDing.

  13. Number observed:  1
  14. Number observed:  1
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