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Wakefield, Vorlage

Owner Ricki Hurst

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Cery clear view of flock of brant in lovely twighlight sun. The sight and gabbly sound are unmistakable. Low as they were last week and clear black and white patters and uniformity of all in flock distinctive. Not a direct north flight when I watched, but effectively north with a swing to the east. Hard to estimate so quickly but at least 200 and possibly 250 birds. Counting a smaller flock seen by Judy this morning, this is the 4th flock seen from near our Wakefield house in a week; extremely unusual.


  1. Number observed: 210

    Details: See also comments. Extremely clear view in bright twighlight with no obstructing trees. Flying low and effectively north along the Gatineau River. Uniformity of all birds in flock, clear black and white pattern, and characteristic babbly calls of the flock make it clearly distinguishable. This is the 4th flock seen flying north over our Wakefield house in a week; an extremely unusual sight based on almost 20 years living here since 1990 - without seeing a single flock.