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Eastport, Clark Ledge

Owner Alan Sawyer

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  1. Number observed: 150

    Details: To the nearest 25. About 75 loafing on the ledge, another 50 or so in a nearby cove, 25 or so in the air or water.

  2. Number observed: 2

    Details: Slightly smaller than herring gulls, nice comparison to great black-backed gull standing nearby. Charcoal gray back, lighter than the black of the great b-b gull. Could not see the leg color, as one bird was loafing and the other was in the water with a couple of herring gulls. Photos to be added. NOTE: this the same place Chris Bartlett reported seeing two birds yesterday or the day before.

  3. Number observed: 2
  4. Number observed: 1

    Details: Swimming