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01748, Hopkinton US-MA 42.21735, -71.46326

Owner Matthew Kennedy

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    Details: The Kinglet was first spotted by my daughter Sarah. She immediately noted it as a Kinglet by its size and movement. She has spotted several ruby and golden crowned in the past.    I got the attached shot which we both concluded confirmed it was a kinglet.  the wingbars are notable, Large head and just visible notch in the tail.

    We think that if it were a Golden crowned Kinglet that the face bars would be more obvious,  Sarah noted that through her view using binoculars that she saw a more plain face which we think is consistent with a Ruby crowned. Sites in the Waseeka mass Audubon sanctuary about 30yds from water. We were about 20ft from bird. It was hanging with chickadees. Emailed pick to Jason.

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