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48° * Sun setting * SE 11mph

Submitted from eBird for iOS, version 2.0.110


  1. Number observed: 3
  2. Number observed: 4
  3. duck sp.

    Number observed: 1
  4. Number observed: 1
  5. Number observed: 1
  6. Number observed: 1
  7. Number observed: 1
  8. Number observed: 1

    Details: Single bird over tree line. A medium sized swallow blue upper w white underside forked tail.

  9. Number observed: 1
  10. Number observed: 1
  11. Number observed: 1
  12. Number observed: 28
  13. Number observed: 65

    Details: Rusty migration - Numbers were less this evening- @ 6:11pm 5 flew in and the flock grew from there. High count close to 70 - Started to become quiet 6:55pm and down to a handful chucking and then all quiet and dropping out of sight by 7pm. Arrival recent days * Recordings * Medium-size black bird, all black with yellow eyes and slender black bill few female in the flock which were easily visible but mostly male present. All of the Rusties were counted were on the first island of trees closest to entering the island. Much more skittish this evening, and some flew right over the island toward the rail bed.

  14. Number observed: 33
  15. blackbird sp.

    Number observed: 60

    Details: Large flock flew from Perry Ave area towards rail bed possibly as large as 85 but couldn’t get a clear count.

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