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tree on fence, chapa road

Owner kevin cochran

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  1. Number observed: 1

    Details: Bird was observed first on the fence wires, then flew into the tree briefly, before moving back and perching on the wires. I have indicated the bird is an adult after looking at Dave Allen's pictures, one of which clearly shows deeply-notched primary tips. I believe that eliminates a sub-adult, based on my reading. Can't really say which subspecies the appearance of the primaries best supports. Will ask Dave to attach a pic to this which might help someone make a judgement. Edit: Looking into the shapes of the outer primaries further, and comparing the attached imaged of Dave Allen, which clearly shows notched tips on all three outermost primaries, I'd say this specimen is a member of the savana subspecies. I'm using the reference images in the book Rare Birds of North America, for comparison. These show monachus as having on two deeply notched outer primaries.....savana three.

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