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Sunrise at 6:41 AM. Temperature is 76°F. The sky is completely clear and there is a slight southerly breeze. Had good luck with the Whippoorwill this morning.

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    Details: Heard the WHIP-WHIP alarm call along the road before I got to usual listening spot. It was very brief and I was unable to record it. I then got to the listening point on the levee trail and played the app and again heard the alarm call from a little bit closer again very brief and it stopped before I could record it. However the bird began singing from that point. It was a bit up the trail so I walked up closer and then was able to get a better recording of the bird near the trail. That bird stopped singing at about 6:03 AM. In the meantime I heard two other birds, both whippoorwills singing out further out in the wetlands. I never heard the near bird singing at the same time I heard two birds singing out in the wetlands. Therefore I’ve probably recorded three whippoorwills but I’ll only report two since I never got to to get more than two together.All singing had stopped by 6:08 AM.Cardinals and Carolina wrens were already singing when I reached the trail head. Mockingbirds also are singing early this morning.

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    Details: Flyover

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    Details: One fly over at 6:29 AM

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    Details: Large accipiter flew across the trail was unable to get a photo but it clearly was longtailed cylindrical body largish head short wings. Too big for a sharpie and certainly not a red shouldered as it was not Buteo shaped. No photos

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    Details: Quite numerous I wonder if some migrating birds have joined them.

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    Details: Heard and saw only two males on the northern Lakeside marsh

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    Details: Saw the first group flying over the lake from west to east at 6:30 AM

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    Details: A few were already gathered and singing along the lake at 6:30 AM

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