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GHOW, Kingston, MA (Restricted access)

Owner Dan Furbish

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Rare: a single adult male (breeding plumage) Baltimore oriole!
39f, overcast/light drizzle, light rain, wind: Calm, humidity 97%, dew pt: 39f


  1. Number observed: 3
  2. Number observed: 8
  3. Number observed: 4
  4. Number observed: 3
  5. Number observed: 6
  6. Number observed: 1

    Details: Rare: a single adult male BAOR. (photos). black head, back, and breast, bright orange from under black hood on its breast to its vent and all the way under its tail until the end of its tail. Orange corners
    on its upper tail, black stripe in the center of its tail from the top.. 2 wing bars, top bar stronger. Gray legs. Only visible eating large suet cake from Tractor Supply for 10 minutes then it left the area. Light drizzle/ falling overcast day.

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