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  12. loon sp.

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    Details: Knowing that this is a tricky ID, we spent over an hour observing and photographing this bird (RLHA), in order to distinguish it from the similar-appearing dark-morph Ferruginous Hawk (FEHA). One of the key distinguishing field marks that we saw several times in flight was the large squarish carpal patches on the underwing. Although slightly obscured by the dark coverts, they are visible in my flight photos. There was an extensive amount of black on the underside of the wingtips, consistent with RLHA. There are also differences in the structure and shape of the gape and facial markings visible in the profile photos. RLHA has a smaller gape and differs from the unique FEHA gape. Only the RLHA has the pale patch in front of the lores that projects toward the forehead, forming a mask-like pattern. The RLHA has a smaller bill and head than the FEHA. RLHA has smaller feet than FEHA, consistent with this birds penchant for perching directly on the electrical wires. Although both FEHA and RLHA have completely feathered tarsi, separating them from the other buteos, RLHA has a shaggy look to its bloomers. Visible in the field, but not so much in the photographs was the wing length relative to to the tail length. When perched, FEHA wings are well short of the tip of the tail. This bird's wings projected past the tail, consistent with an ID of RLHA. I identified this bird as a juvenile based on the pale eyes and pale wing panels on the upperwing views.

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