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40F, light rain, arrived to approximately 1000 gulls on ice and in water, I was able to set up scope and made a few quick passes over the gulls, noting at least 4 Iceland and a sub adult LBBG. Then what I believed an Eagle came in and everything took off. They started to settle back when the eagle returned and they all got up , circled high and left. I waited another 10 minutes and nothing came back

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  1. Number observed: 10
  2. Number observed: X
  3. Number observed: X
  4. Number observed: 4

    Details: All juveniles

  5. Number observed: 1

    Details: Sub adult

  6. Number observed: X

    Details: Unfortunately a Bald Eagle flushed the entire estimate of maybe a thousand gulls before I was able to go over the flock. The birds gained height and left

  7. gull sp.

    Number observed: X
  8. Number observed: 1
  9. Number observed: 2
  10. Number observed: 2
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