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Owner Frank Bowrys

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    Details: While approaching my car in the parking lot beyond the gate, the Eastern Phoebe flew across the road from the bushes to sumacs and pines. It perched, back towards me, then flew toward the river. I could tell what it was by stance, color, lines from the wing bars, but was not convinced at this point. I went around the place where it had perched and in to the clearing. I saw movement high in the pines that was a Tufted Titmouse. There was no way, I thought, that this was the bird. Far too light in coloring from the back without the white wing bars. Then up from the right it flew 25 feet or so up and perched. I noted the faint gray streaking on the breast and belly that had a slight pale yellow wash, black eye at the divide where the head turns dark. It bobbed its tail in classic fashion. It flew down to the river bank where I tried to get a pic with my phone through my bins. But it kept working it's way down river.

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    Details: Good looks, white throat, striped head, yellow toward front. All together south end along river bank.

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    Details: Slightly larger than song. White chin patch; striped head; black spot on breast gray flannel is with some buff