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Boston-49 Whitten St

Owner Jeffrey Offermann

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    Details: ***MEGA subspecies, following two days of strong westerlies which continued today. Sitting on the chimney across the street. Much darker than the Taiga subspecies that is usual here; very black both dorsally and on the breast. It preened and sat for quite a while, then flew off. Unfortunately I didn't manage a flight shot. Tail had three indistinct bands, unlike the more pronounced bands on F.c.c. The presence of white spots on the breast feathers is consistent with suckleyi, and I expect would be absent or at least less pronounced on a truly melanistic example of the usual subspecies. Open to other identification interpretations, including the possibility that this is a F.c.c (melanistic) bird, but after comparing many photos, I conclude this is most likely a Pacific ssp. Other photos exist, though all look much like these; no spread wing or tail shots could be obtained.

  3. Number observed: 6
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