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Necanicum River Estuary (46.0142,-123.9249) MOPL Life Bird for Courtney, county bird for Caleb and Philip (01/20/2020)

Owner Philip Kline

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Philip did separate list of entire Gearhart beach area walk,
this list is just stationary count of specifically MOPL spot

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  1. Number observed: 25
  2. Number observed: 1
  3. Number observed: 50
  4. Number observed: 10
  5. Number observed: 2
  6. Number observed: 3
  7. duck sp.

    Number observed: 5
  8. Number observed: 1

    Details: (Rare): cont. bird (first found ~ 3-days ago): distant digiscope photo through Philip’s scope, thank you! — new life bird for Courtney! — (Caleb and Philip both had seen the South Beach SP MOPL in 2016) — distant views today from this pinpoint, of MOPL to SE of us on Oogie Island in middle of estuary: killdeer-size plover, pastel colored, sandy upperside and white underside with pastel peachy washed upper breast : standing, and then running around as if feeding among wrack in sands; — so lucky we found Philip Kline this morning! I had texted our meetup messages to him to a wrong number ... and Caleb and I drove 5-hr straight from Bend to get here, on less than 4-hr sleep, and arrived to find that my scope is broken and won’t focus distant, (and Caleb didn’t have his scope), and the MOPL was no longer visible at the viewpoint where several saw it early this morning, and no known birders around, all sad (very tired) news, ... so so relieved to find Philip with MOPL already in scope when we got to Audrey’s pinpoint from yesterday. Thanks also to Audrey for refinding MOPL yesterday, inspiring our crazy (over January pass, exhausted) chase, which resulted in 3 lovely new birds for 3 of us : MOPL, HOOR, BAWW : 1 lifer, 3 state birds, 3 county birds , (and also special adventure, friendliness, and then balmic rainy/oceanwavy camping, sleeping out in cool fresh air with sound of ocean waves lapping and rain)

  9. Number observed: 150
  10. Number observed: 25
  11. Number observed: 5
  12. Larus sp.

    Number observed: 50
  13. Number observed: 1
  14. Number observed: 10
  15. Number observed: 1
  16. Number observed: 1
  17. Number observed: 1
  18. passerine sp.

    Number observed: 1
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