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OR—Tillamook co.—Nehalem--Ninth St x B St empty lot (45.7200,-123.8959) HOOR state bird for Caleb and Philip (01/20/2020)

Owner Caleb Centanni

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    Details: (Rare filter 10): lots, singing, and chasing around feeders. Caleb suggested 10 for the oriole area, and Courtney had a couple more to south on walk from car

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    Details: 1 at car doing really weird sounds ... we never saw it, but “prob is a flicker”, sounded like could be hybrid with a sapsucker ...

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    Details: ho by Caleb and Philip

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  19. sparrow sp.

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    Details: (Rare): “unreported”: cont. adult male bird, has been coming to this house for months, (and seen by birders since reported ~ Jan. 9), owner sets out oranges and grape jelly for it:

    Art Happens
    — and so does HOOR!

    HOOR today finally seen at ~ 4:02p after a long wait, it popped up from below and landed on deck rail by small white bowl , for a few minutes, Philip got photos, and then it flew south into thick trees patch.
    New Oregon state bird for both Caleb and Philip!

    — “he looked oranger than I expected” — “really? I thought he looked yellowish” — “overall yellowish, with contrasting black markings: black throat and breast creates yellow hood appearance, and the bird also had black wings and black tail, with 2 notable distinct white wing bars” — “I only saw 1!” — “tail longer than most orioles’, bill also long and slightly down-curved.”

    — While we were waiting for it to show up, we had a talk with homeowner, who had seen it that morning but not since, and she said it hangs out in the trees of the empty lot SE of her, and recommended viewing from that empty lot.
    So we walked to that lot, and peeled oranges and stuck them onto twigs of trees and also onto some thorns of blackberry vines, (and we ate some), and waited there for the oriole to visit our orange slices. Shortly after affixing the slices to foliage, the oriole did show! but, didn’t come to the slices while we were there, so, didn’t get to see him eat oranges, so we consider our orange slices as a Gift “for later” given to the sweet oriole who let us see him, and also as a secondary gift to the next birders who chase him.

    — Thanks Philip for letting us join with you today, finding the Mountain Plover for us, and then spotting the HOOR, and sweet to get some birding in with you!
    Thanks Pilot of the kittiwake voyager van !

    PK: It was fun. Thanks for tagging along and being my Oriole good luck charm.

    (‘Twas determined Courtney gets credit for the HOOR, because of her oranges — even though Philip spotted him, and oriole didn’t eat her oranges, (and really it was Caleb who had purchased the oranges).)

    — Note: there has been some secrecy as to the location of this oriole house, but I don’t understand really why? One neighbor on street doesn’t like birders around, or to turn around vehicles in his driveway, so it is recommended to park elsewhere (nearer Hwy 101) and walk, but aside from him, the Art Happens (frame shop) homeowner is nice, and other people on the street waved and smiled, and there is a community recreation center next door, and besides all this, the bird can be seen from this empty lot, which bothers no one. So, I recommend viewing from this lot instead of bothering any homeowners, and all surely is and will be well :-)

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    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
    Male 1
    Sex Unknown
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  22. passerine sp.

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