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    Details: (Rare): “unreported”: cont. bird first found by Courtney 01/09/2020 and then photoed by Courtney on 01/15/2020 [see photo at:

    : today seen by Caleb and Courtney at 3:31p (on walk down, wasn’t seen on walk up), feeding in brushes of same area of past 2 sightings (today at 44.0575,-121.2835) , then flushed up slope of blackish lava rocks, and then up into the junipers after the other mixed flock (HOFI, WEBL) moved up towards summit.
    — is so bright yellow, must be subspecies lutescens I think. (I uploaded photo into iNaturalist and it was confirmed as ssp. lutescens),
    Happy & good luck we saw it again today, for Caleb to see too, was hoping to share it with him! (and the GOEA lovers!)
    (& hopefully, Caleb seeing it too, can help ebird reviewer decide to finally validate this cool sighting? since apparently Courtney’s photos weren’t evidence enough to confirm it ...)

    Comments from Caleb on this bird: “small yellowgreen warbler, darker on top than bottom, sharp bill, typical of genus; may be slightly thinner than normal, perhaps low on food.” We both agree prominent (bright yellow) arced eyering more conspicuous than pale supercilium. (Utc also bright yellow, as bright as YEWA yellow). — “OCWA do like this low brushy stuff more than most other warblers, low dry brushy stuff”

    Chuck Gates: That’s a nice find. Definitely a first Jan record [for Central Oregon]. There are 4 Dec records. It’s been seen 2 times on the Bend CBC. One time near Culver in Dec 1993 and once near Prineville in Dec 1973. There are no Feb records.

  12. passerine sp.

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