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    Details: In the wrack line of Oogie Island in the Necanicum Estuary. Too distant to determine whether they were banded or not.

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    Details: Continuing. Hunkered down in the lee of the tallest part of Oogie Island in the middle of Necanicum Estuary. The bird was NE of that beach-grass-covered hummock in the middle of the flats with scattered flotsam, drift logs, and beach grass clumps; and that differed from where the three Snowy Plovers were hunkered down in the peripheral wrackline of the same island. All scoped from the Overlook Park east and across Holladay Dr. From Seaside High School.

    Unlike the SNPLs, the MOPL was more warm orange brown above with creamy underparts; the SNPLs showing light gray-tan upperparts and white underparts and with dusky mark's on the head, face, and sides of breast. The MOPL also showed more of a warm brown breast and browner lores than the Snowys and with a pale supercillium connecting over the bill in a wider stripe such that when the MOPL looks straight towards the observer it is as if there have a lit white headlamp between the eyes, recalling the pale at the bill base of juvenile Ruff and Buff-breasted Sandpiper. Bad digiscope photo to follow, cropped and original. Bird is in the foreground of the photo and center bottom of frame.

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  14. Western x Glaucous-winged Gull (hybrid)

    Number observed: 10
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