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With Mike Rogers


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    Details: We checked the Stornetta Dairy for a grackle that had been alternately identified as a Common and a Great-tailed. We soon found this Great-tailed Grackle and were able to get very good looks at the bird. Although the bird was not really that huge (consistent with the western subspecies most likely to be seen here), the very long, fairly broad, keel-shaped tail, large bill, and flat head weren't right for Common. Also, the purplish-blue iridescence on the back and upperwings (in addition to the head) ruled out the Bronzed Grackle, responsible for all of CA's Common Grackle records. We got some video of the bird and were able to measure the perch that the bird used while being taped; the tail measurements that we got from this image were intermediate between those of Common and Great-tailed (which do not overlap).