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    Details: Continuing, male and female together, in flock of COGO and BUFF. Like COGO but more vertical forehead and smaller bill. Male had white comma on the face, pointed at the top, and black back with white spots. Female had bright orange-yellow on most of bill except base and nail (with slightly more extensive orange-yellow on left side than right side) and darker head than COGO.

    While we where there, the BAGO stayed with the flock, which ranged from as far as you can see (due to the curve of the aqueduct) looking west from the 77th street bridge to as far as you can see (again due to the curve) looking east, and back again to the west (which is where they were when we left). The flock was skittish and flushed several times, at one point spooked by us but at other times spooked by a flyover Raven or spooked for no apparent reason, but each time the birds flushed they landed in the aqueduct again, sometimes relatively close but sometimes very distant. On one occasion the flock flushed and headed directly at us and past us, allowing flight photos.

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