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Partly cloudy, 13-18 mph NW wind, ~58*F; Tom Edell and Kaaren Perry. We were here looking for the two Emperor Geese photographed around 0930 by an unknown docent ad forwarded to Kaaren by Don Henderson. We started at the northern end of the parking lot and then moved to the southern end, returned to the car, and then walked back to the southern end.No luck with the geese. We did not attempt to record all of the species in the area, but counted a few of the gulls and terns while searching the beach. Dave Lawrence was here as a docent and Mike and Cindy Stiles, Jeff Miller, Norm Pillsbury, Eric Wier and Laura Franken arrived while we were here. The one way distance traveled of 0.24 mile was determined using Google Earth. Time is not exact but an estimate of approximate time here.

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    Details: First seen at the extreme southern end of the beach where it looked like a large white gull with a bicolored pink and black bill. Twice moved up coast to just short of the southern end of the boardwalk. First-winter; appeared mostly white in back lit conditions, but showed some faint marbled brownish color in the wing coverts and on the back. Large pink bill with dark tip, very pale primaries, dark eye. Blood on face and bill from feeding on Elephant Seal afterbirth. Though it relocated on the beach twice, I never saw the bird in flight. Most of time it was resting on the ground.

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    Details: First-winter (photo)

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    Details: resting on the beach

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