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    Details: The Ruddy Turnstone was wandering around a small rocky islet in the eastern/southeastern cove. There are two islets located there; this was on the smaller one on the right. The Black Turnstones were all on one of the islets off of the north side of the headland. I had excellent scope views of it in good lighting, although it was too distant for my camera and it wouldn't stay put long enough for me to try to digiscope it. It was a chunky shorebird about the size of a Black Turnstone. It was in non-breeding plumage (or perhaps a juvenile) with the rounded dark stripe on the upper breast region, with a very white belly with the white extending higher than on a Black Turnstone. The side of the neck was grayish and this color extended into the rounded dark stripe when viewed from the side, giving the dark band the look of a letter 'U'. The upper throat area was light colored and the head was a mottled gray. The legs appeared to be yellowish (definitely not black). The back was mostly dark grayish-looking. Unlike the Black Turnstones, which were stationary when I watched them, The Ruddy would not stay in one place, but moved constantly around the islet.

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  6. Western x Glaucous-winged Gull (hybrid)

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