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Birding with Chris Mortensen and Mr Mortensen


  1. Number observed: 1

    Details: Following notes from my email to PA list serve. No question as to the identity of this bird. Had previous experience with species.

    About 10am (didn't have a watch on me) this morning at the North lookout at
    Hawk Mountain several observers, including my self, had a drab winged adult
    Townsends Solitaire. It perched on the dead pine in front of the lookout
    for a few minutes before heading south along the ridge. I know at least
    one person got photographs, although from what he said, they were not of
    the best quality. In addition, the naturalist were gathering notes from
    observers to submit. This is what I observed.

    Description of bird:
    Bird in the thrush size range and appearance (gestalt was completely wrong
    for mockingbird), prominient white eye ring, stubby black bill, overall
    gray body, white edged tail feathers. No prominent rust coloration was
    evident in the wings (but was evident), but also no large white patch that you would expect
    from a Mockingbird. Flight was bouncing rather than direct.