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Downtown Los Altos

Owner Virginia Langdon-Lassagne

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    Details: Large bill the shape and color of a pistachio shell. Bright yellow monobrow. Large white patch on side of wings. In flight big pale patches on the center of their wings when viewed from below. Chest of adult males colored like dirty Guldens mustard. Chirping reminiscent of house sparrow, but sweeter, with some other muttering (starling-like?) sounds. Recorded audio and photographed. First found as flyovers near State & Second. They flew in a circle overhead, then headed south two blocks to rest, call and preen in a bare tree in the parking lot, between the back of Linden Tree and Urfa Bistro.

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    Details: Top of redwood by Safeway. Conical bill, notched tail, whitish eyebrow. Buffy wing bar. After a minute, flew and hid. Photos.

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