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More notes later. Submitting list now so people can chase Pacific Wren. Joined by Jessie at end of list.

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    Details: ***Very rare and completely unexpected. Apparently the first record for heavily covered Jefferson County. I was walking west along Bear Creek when I noticed small wren dive into cover in a dense tangle of vegetation immediately along Bear Creek. In my brief views without binoculars I assumed it would be a Winter Wren given its compact size, short tail and overall probability. I walked over to the creek and the bird was visible standing on a tangle of fallen branches over the water. At this point, I thought it was likely a Pacific Wren, given the even warm coloration, lack of even a hint of white on the throat, limited barring on the flanks, lack of white spotting typical of Winter Wren.

    While I've seen maybe 100 Pacific Wrens, I have very little recent experience with them. I am quite familiar with Winter Wren, however, usually seeing a hundred or so each year (and hearing many more). I do find some birds to be quite challenging, but luckily this bird appeared to be one of the more typical Pacific Wrens, as described above and can be seen in the photos. The bird was surprisingly confiding, allowing me to obtain several photos with my iPhone XR and 12 x 50 Swarovski binocular. After taking the photos, I uploaded ML194713171 to Merlin, which also went with Pacific Wren.

    By this point, I had watched the bird for a couple minutes and had never heard the bird call. I pished a bit and then heard it give a couple diagnostic call notes. At this point, I decided to try to obtain some video, again by holding up my iPhone to my binocular. While the resulting video is certainly jumpy, it does give an idea of the behavior and also includes several calls.

    I texted a few people and waited for Jessie to arrive. During this time, the bird often became hidden. At one point, when I lost it I pished and it gave several calls which can be heard in ML194787811.

    The bird was along Bear Creek WSW of Whitetail Picnic area. From the parking area, walk to the WSW until you meet Bear Creek. The bird was in tangles along the creek, never more than 3 feet from the water during the entire 45 minutes I watched.

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