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Chasing HASP. Success!


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    Details: Continuing, first reported 12/6/19 by Carol Berlanger. Bird had made appearances this morning on two occasions and a third time at 11:40.// Life Bird.//Black, buff, and white the predominant colors. Buff-gray head with black crown that descends over forehead past base of bill in narrow fringe to wide stripe down throat, terminating on upper breast. Tangential black stripe borders throat and upper breast connecting to dense streaking on russet flanks. Belly, vent, and undertail coverts bright white. Auriculars grayer with warmer supercilium and lateral throat areas. Thin eyestripe (crease, really) behind dark eyes flaring at rear of auriculars. Wide nuchal "collar" with minimal markings separates head from strikingly-patterned mantle. Pinkish-orange bill fine-tipped. Squarish head with shallow crown, only slight change of angle at forehead. Pink legs

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