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Brand new in the area, so there are unfortunately many birds unlogged because I didn't recognize them.


  1. Snow/Ross's Goose

    Number observed: 200
  2. Number observed: 1
  3. Number observed: 50
  4. Number observed: 2
  5. Number observed: 2
  6. Number observed: 3
  7. Number observed: 1
  8. Number observed: 1

    Details: Heard peogh calls nearby.

  9. Number observed: 1
  10. flycatcher sp. (Tyrannidae sp.)

    Number observed: 1

    Details: The primaries looked longer than the secondaries - making me think of a Hammond's - but then the tail looked too long. I am not at all certain what type of flycatcher this was.

  11. Number observed: 2

    Details: There was one that was hanging around the area the whole time I was out on the trail, and as I was returning to my car another one flew right over my head with a tiny fish in its bill.

  12. Number observed: 1

    Details: Although hidden in the shrubs, I couldn't help but see the bright yellow head of this little bird. I was absolutely confounded - I've never seen a small bird with such a yellow head, grey back and white belly. Managed to snap some photos of it and look it up after I got home.

  13. Number observed: 5
  14. Number observed: 1
  15. Number observed: 2
  16. Number observed: 4
  17. blackbird sp.

    Number observed: 50

    Details: Pretty sure they were blackbirds, but that's about it. Flew in and perched nearby after a Harrier swooped down and caught something to eat.

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