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When I arrived, observers included Tim & Fritz Steurer and Adrian Hinkle. They had seen the Black-capped Chickadee and were just seeing a Swainson's Thrush, which I saw. We then saw the Costa's on the south side of the street. A half-hour later, Roger Adamson showed up. The Costa's showed up right after that in front of all of us. After the Steurers left, Adrian refound the Black-capped Chickadee, and I and Roger both saw it. This site is right by the intersection of E. Cedar St and N. Lincoln St. and at the entrance to Otis Park.

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    Details: Previously reported. 1st on 10 Nov. It first showed up at 932 & 934 Cedar St, then it went across the street to the Mexican Sage. It was a small green and white hummer with a down curved bill. When the larger Anna's saw it, they chased it off. It was a subadult male with a purplish throat, and the gorget was not fully developed down the sides. A most peculiar behavior occurred. While we were standing there, it flew down and landed in the middle of the street about 6 feet away and just sat there. Later, I saw it land 3X more on the sidewalk and just sit. The only thing I could think of was that it was trying to get warm after a very cold night.

  3. falcon sp.

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    Details: I couldn't get any color because of the light and its speed. Kestrel or Merlin sized, it was probably the same Merlin that was seen earlier.

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    Details: It was seen 5 minutes before I got there. Adrian Hinkle refound it about an hour later, and Roger and I both saw it. Black and white head with a gray top and mostly white below with a buffy wash. No dark brown on top or below. I heard it voclize a lot, both the chick a dee dee call and some other calls. I returned about 1:30, and it was still there and still vocalizing.

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    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
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    Details: 1st reported yesterday. I heard it before I saw it. No red in the tail and breast spots not so dark.
    We could see it moving around in the trees and bushes and its calls were heard by 4 of us. It was with Hermit Thrushes, Juncos and Chickadees.

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    Details: In the surrounding trees and bushes; and feeding on Pyracantha with the Robins.

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