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Dirt-pullout along Hwy 1, Pescadero approx. 37.276989, -122.408213

Owner Malia DeFelice

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  2. Number observed: 2
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    Details: Initially saw Rough-legged Hawk fly over my car and land in a tree by the road on the north edge of the Eucalyptus grove which is on the north end of the north pond at Pescadero Marsh. I did a U-turn when I could, circled back and drove into the fee-based parking lot where there is a ranger kiosk. But no hawk could be seen. Got back on the road heading north and saw the Rough-legged Hawk soaring a little further north over open terrain. Once again did a U-turn and came back south into a pullout where I got great views of the Rough-legged Hawk. Unfortunately a Red-tailed Hawk harassed it before I could grab my camera. It soared east and north. I waited for it to return but it did not. Juvenile. Dark belly, lighter colored smallish head, wings mainly white underneath with large black wrist patches and black primary tips. Tail whitish at the base with a wide dusky dark band at the tip

  4. Number observed: 1

    Details: After RL Hawk did not return, I drove a bit further north on Hwy 1 and pulled into a pullout for a gated farm road as I saw a few raptors soaring over the field and hills. Large buteo with long narrow wings. Juvenile Ferruginous Hawk appeared almost all white in the underparts and underwings. Wings showed slender dark commas at the wrists. Upperparts brown with pale primary panels on upperwing. White at base of tail.