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PM comments. Overcast and snowy, temp. ca. 23 degrees, NW wind to 20 mph, wind chill ca. 7-10 degrees.Jean asked me to come over to look at hummingbird she had at coming to her feeder. At first at a few photos in poor light, I thought it might be an immature Ruby-throat as it was very difficult in snow to get a reflection of the gorget feathers. I took photos of bird at feeder and perched in shrub that Jean had located. Upon closer examination of photos, bird is clearly an immature Anna's; feathers on gorget sides of face pinkish to magenta in poor light; more ruby red in others; in a few feathers pinkish/magenta color visible on feathers above eye and a few on crown clinching id; extensive grayish green flanks. protruding towards middle of breast; bronze to dark green back. primary tip ends straight edged; tail broad and bronzy green on rump and rectrices one and two; rectrices 3 and 4 bronzy green with black tips, outer rectrix with small white tip; bill black, medium length, thickened at base. Call heard once as it flew over my head- a "tchick"- similar to tic tic of Ruby-throat but coarser to my ear. At one point, a Sharp-shinned Hawk flew into the yard scattering juncos and goldfinches but ANHU apparently did not flush from perch in lilac.

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