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Rose Kennedy Greenway

Owner Laura Markley

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Very active on the Greenway this afternoon, birds foraging all over and eating red berries. Chased a bird that puzzled me as it had yellow chin and dark head I assumed COYE but face looked different, it had a dark eyeline iin front of the eye, I think it had some sort of eye ring and bill black and stubby.. it was low in a Bush with red berries then flew to a treetop. I chased it but couldn't find it then saw it again when it flew to a treetop on opposite side. Couldn't get a good look. I did get one, possibly ok picture and will post it later after I get it on my computer and attempt to ID this bird.


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    Details: A passerby showed me his cell phone photo of a dead Northern Flicker he saw on the sidewalk at High St. Maybe hit a building.

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    Details: Pictures. Scratching in the dirt under a bush opposite Trade restaurant.

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    Details: Feeding on grass and probing in dirt in front of the bird mural. Photos

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    Details: Did not seem as large as a Chat is described but I don't think I've ever seen one - maybe once in Central NY - so I have nothing to compare it to. Doesn't come up as rare but it is rare for me!

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